01 February, 2007


My Irish itinerary was faxed to me this afternoon. Here is where and when I am scheduled to read:
26 February, 8 p.m., Waterford Dome
28 February, 8 p.m., Mooney's, An Rinn
03 March, 8 p.m., The Bailey, Enniscorthy
05 March, 8 p.m., Purty Loft, Dun Laoghaire

These are four out of eighteen stops on the March Hare 2007 tour, which begins in Toronto at the Brass Taps on February 23 at 8 p.m. (I'm told to tell you to book early), and ends in Corner Brook, Newfoundland on March 11. I will just be on board for the Irish segment. Hopefully I will have learned how to pronounce the above place names by then.

I will be bringing the iBook and camera, and am planning to post tour highlights here. But if you happen to be in or near any of those neighbourhoods, I hope you will drop by in person.


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