24 May, 2007


Visitors here must assume I have abandoned poetry. I haven't. It's just been a phase of expansion for my prose writing, and one of contraction for verse. Developments on that other front have demanded the greater portion of my creative attention recently, but I expect to be able to turn around and spend more time with my first love over the summer. I will write more about this see-saw act soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was wondering if you would be interested in making a post about a charity project called Nothing But Red.

NBR is an anthology of responses to the "honor killing" - the stoning death - of Du'a Khalil last April and to the larger issue of violence against women. We're currently open for submissions and we're looking for poetry, fiction, essays and visual art.

Please email me with any questions. We'd love to be able to spread the word to your readers.

Thank you for your time,

2:36 PM  
Anonymous James said...

Poets must rest sometimes, don't you think? I hope you start with them beautiful poems soon. :)

7:26 AM  

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